Official Lamborghini pictures
My own Lamborghini pictures
Other pictures

Official Lamborghini pictures

Here are the official Gallardo SE pictures:

My own Lamborghini pictures

Album 1: Pictures that my car dealer took for me before the delivery.

Album 2: The first pictures that I have taken myself of my own car.

Album 3: Racing pictures from Spa in Belgium by Track Photo.

Album 4: Racing pictures from Spa in Belgium by Wouter Schoofs.

Other pictures

Soon here will be lots of pictures related to cars and racing...


So far I have no videos with the Gallardo. I will try to make a little "Spa-movie" soon though...

But I do have a nice video showing one lap at Nürburgring. It shows me driving my Porsche Boxster S in October 2005. It's extra fun to watch, as I have a little fight with the M5 V10 Ring-Taxi... You can see (and hear) very close up when the Ring-Taxi is going sideways through the corners...
I have used a camera equipment from Drive Data, containing two bullet cams (one facing front and one facing rear), one picture-in-picture unit and one video overlay unit, that shows the real speed (GPS measured) digitally in the picture.

Racing facts from the video:
Cars to overtake: 12
Busses to overtake: 1
Motorcycles to overtake: 2
Yellow flag area: 1 (Not allowed to go down in the "Karussell")
Track condition: Partly slippery (wet/dry)
BTG lap time: 8 min 49 sec
Car: Porsche Boxster S (987)
Driver: Erik Jirhall

Film facts:
Length: 9 min, 31 sec
Two versions. Same film, different size/quality.

Download best quality (.mpg 97 MB) HERE
For a while I had to remove the best quality version from my server, due to the massive amount of downloads. My web server couldn't handle it... But now I have found a new server that can host the video, so it's available again!

Download medium quality (.avi 35 MB) HERE